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We believe that spaces need to be happy and welcoming places in which to live, work and play.

Design is a powerful way to express an organisation’s values. We work collaboratively with our clients to create happy, engaging environments for customers and employees alike.

We use a proven array of production techniques from hand-painted art, graffiti, printed graphics, glass manifestations, lighting and interactivity.


Our hand-painted murals often expand into three-dimensional, textured works of art using a variety of production techniques.

Image from Murals service


We often combine digital graphics with hand-painted elements in our work. Hard-wearing digital prints are perfect for high volume areas.

Image from Graphics service

Graffiti art

We started out using graffiti as an artistic expression, and we continue to do so today. Graffiti is at the core of Soulful Creative.

Image from Graffiti art service


Signage doesn’t need to be boring. As well as helping with way-finding and navigation, it can also complement the overall design of a space.

Image from Signage service


We will often use clear prints and translucent graphics to extend a design over glazed areas, and to create separate zones within a space.

Image from Glass service

Live art and events

We love to make large scale works of art, in busy public places, both indoors and outside. Nothing fazes us.

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